Odd behavior when sweeping old seed. Help me understand

I gave an old seed to Exodus wallet and it swept it for some NANO. I knew there should more so I added the same seed at https://nault.cc/ and it found the rest which I sent to my Exodus wallet without any trouble. There is no problem but I'm trying to understand what happened.

Any suggestions? Is there a way to figure this out from the transaction ids?

Seeds can be used to generate multiple addresses, so I expect the Exodus sweep only went so far.

Nanootools has a nice way to visualize it at a glance.

So Exodus just didn't check enough addresses before giving up? I wonder if it has other issues with NANO. I suppose I should switch to another wallet just in case. I can still leave the seed in Exodus so it keeps track of my balance but use Nault for actual transactions.

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Hello ! Is exodus wallet safe ? Which of the other desktop wallet would you suggest ?