Nodes maintain a database of address "usernames"

An unmatched feature for usability in crypto would be the ability to ask someone to send 1 Nano to @myname. I'm curious, would it be possible for the nodes to maintain a database of usernames, based on username request blocks stored in the ledger? These blocks could require spending a certain amount of nano, to buy/renew a username for a year. This fee could be spread between the operators of the nodes, which would also be a source of funding for the otherwise increasingly expensive operation.

I'm sure this has been conceived before (or close to it), but what about a blockchain dedicated to providing such capability for any other cryptocurrencies that choose to use such a feature.

As I envision it, "Username Coin" would enable a person (for a modest TX fee*) to send a Registration Transaction that would log a unique Username and a list of associated public key addresses for as many cryptocurrencies as they wanted. Other cryptocurrencies could add the ability to lookup Usernames on the Username Coin blockchain to find the address to send a TX to.

This approach would prevent bloat of Nano and every other crypto using Username Coin.

I have a funny feeling such a system already exists (Namecoin?), just can't place my finger on it.

*This would be needed, presumably, to prevent someone from registering dictionaries worth of usernames in a spam attack, preventing Username Coin from functioning as intended. I would also suggest the registration expire after some number of blocks (depending on the TX fee offered) so that usernames would not be unusable for all eternity upon the death of the original registrant.

Interesting feature and concept but I can easily see this done on L2 in wallets. In fact natirum already has something similar where you can save addresses as contacts but its only locally to you, but I dont see why this cant be an L2 wallet-global feature.

I dont think nodes should implement this from their side, wallets yes, but not nodes. It will just add another layer of complexity and nodes are already having troubles keeping up with transactions as it is.

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