Newb needs database help

I have installed nano wallet V22.1, is running OK I think. Downloads about 2000 blocks an hour. Que is at 30,000,000. I have tried downloading complete database and switching it with current one. Wallet will not start up. How do I make it work with new database file?

What do your logs say when you start the node with the downloaded ledger?

I fixed my problem by redownloading the data file and now the wallet is synching properly. I am up to 123,382,242 blocks done with 250,000 in the que. Before I was stuck at 7800 blocks done with the que at 30,000,000. When I put in the new data file originally the wallet would not open. After my 2nd attempt after a few minutes everything seems to be OK. I will get back to you if there is a problem. Much thanks.

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