New project ideations

It occurs to me that as the price/adoption of nano increases, third party development interest will also increase. I think we may be on the cusp of that happening again; in 2017/2018, many developers took notice of nano/raiblocks because of the rapid increase in unit price. I assume this will happen again -- increased price/adoption => increased developer attention/enthusiasm.

It seems a good idea if there's a dedicated place for not only completed projects, but projects people want to work on/think would be good to work on to connect interested developers with ideas of merit. Such a venue could provide opportunity for dreamers and doers - visionaries and programmers. If there were a utility that allowed people to provide feedback and vote for ideas they were particularly interested in, it could provide guidance and beta-users for developers. The ideas could be posted by merchants/individuals/developers/whomever, and could provide a place to connect with other developers too.

I don't know the best place for such a forum to reside, only know that it's likely to be needed/helpful once the price/awareness really begins to increase.



Brainstorming some developer & business ideas:

  • ATMs

  • Blogging platform

  • Books about Nano's technology & history

  • Cashback systems

  • Crowdfunding service

  • Custodial services (a vault for tech-illiterate customers)

  • Credit cards

  • Debit cards

  • Escrow platform

  • Fiat gateways (low fee, mobile access, low friction)

  • Financial derivatives for Nano (e.g. Bakkt)

  • Gambling sites (sports, poker, etc)

  • Mining other cryptocurrencies & being paid in Nano

  • Mixing services

  • News site for Nano

  • Nano node implementation in different languages

  • Podcast for Nano

  • Price trackers

  • Remittance services

  • Smart cards

  • Streaming payments

  • Tipping plugins

  • Vending machines


The lack of fiat gateways I think is a big barrier. Not that I think people would need fiat currency, but for initial adoption it's a really good channel. It also increases the market cap if the gateway sells it at a higher price and add a fee so they have profit.

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