New address staked balance prioritization


It is known that having a minimum balance is controversial as the value of NANO can change over time. Minimum balances also prevent NANO from being retrieved from the wallet should you want to close out the wallet to a zero balance.
This is where a New address staked balance prioritization can come as value to the network.

The idea would be an existing address can stake its funds towards opening a new address (Any address can stake to any address up to its existing non-staked balance). The smaller the amount you're looking to open on the new address, the larger the amount of NANO is required to stake. NANO amount staked would need to be up for discussion in the comments. Possibly this could be percentage based or exponential value based?

To unlock your assigned stake, you will be required to perform a network transaction that contains a significant amount of POW difficulty.

POW stake unlock difficulty:

  • POW for unlocking stake will increase in difficulty as the network witnesses larger percentages of newly created wallets during a timespan (Nodes can determine new wallet transactions via the block height).
  • POW difficulty increases during times of network saturation and congestion
  • POW difficulty increases as initial wallet balance opening becomes smaller

POW stake unlock transactions will require an 85% confirmation consensus from the network that the POW is at an acceptable level for the transaction. This will ensure that as the network reaches saturation, the stakes can't be unlocked during times of bad congestion. This will also ensure that principal representatives with weaker nodes have a better say in regards to the current POW difficulty, without it affecting normal transactions to existing opened wallets.

This will keep fees off-network. For example, exchanges can charge a fee based on wallet type (new/existing). In addition, they can set what their minimum withdrawal amount is based on the their POW generation capability:

  • Small Fee: Withdrawal to existing opened wallet
  • Large Fee: Withdrawal to new wallet
  • Larger Fee: Withdrawal of small balance to new wallet

Ledger spammers will need to stake sizeable amounts of NANO for each newly generated wallet created. Next, they will need to perform large amounts of POW to unlock the NANO. NANO will be hard to unlock during times of network congestion which will ensure they run out of funds to stake.

Interesting idea! Couple of thoughts though. If you are using POW to unlock the stake to open the account - then just use POW to open the account. Simpler to implement. Also if account open stake can be given and taken away later then it turns into a worse user experience if an open account can become disabled later on.

Currently POW is already required to send to a new address.

Although, you misunderstand the concept listed.
An account will not be disabled later on by un-staking, it will remain open.

The goal of the suggestion is to place a disincentive on ledger storage spam without detracting from the new user experience.
Placing difficult POW after the fact, it allows for immediate use of the new address.
This will also allow for POW to get as difficult as 1 hour during times of congestion without affecting new accounts being opened. (Unless you run out of stake to assign to an address).

Think of the person staking the new address as your "referral to join NANO".
You can join anytime with a referral, but the actor sending you the referral only has a limited amount they can send before having to do difficult computational work to unlock more.