Network Bandwidth and future features

I hear that Lazy Bootstrapping and Vote By Hash will reduce overall network traffic by a huge amount - can you explain why?

Good afternoon and thanks for asking!

Voting is the way the Nano network secures its self. In previous node versions, each representatives vote included the full block, which is a total of 256 bytes + 64 bytes for the representative’s signature. When voting by hash, votes will only include the block hash, which results in votes being 32 bytes + 64 bytes for the signature.

A clear saving in bandwidth across the network.

Lazy bootstrapping is quite different, and helps new nodes join the network quicker by significantly reducing the time it takes to confirm blocks. It uses single blocks to confirm other branches of blocks and in turn reduces network traffic.

It doesn’t end there, upcoming features like 2-phase face voting, changed PoW algorithm and structured network overlay are all designed to reduce voting traffic on the network.

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