Need help with transaction


Please I made the silly mistake of removing a figure from the address Im supposed to transfer my Nano from Kraken to my Trustwallet. It is supposed to be for nano_1cdjm53fe38qimawiio1x8p7hcqu73nth83htgdj6mdgdy9nyeo6npkjf1mx but instead I backspaced one letter and instead sent it to nano_1cdjm53fe38qimawiio1x8p7hcqu73nth83htgdj6mdgdy9nyeo6npkjf1m. Any chance I can get help with this? It has been stuck with sending since. Thanks!

You have to contact Kraken's customer service, it's the only way. It's their software the one that is stuck processing your order because the address you provided do not matches an existing one. It should have prevented you from "sending" nano to an non-existent wallet in the first place.

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Have you been able to retrieve your missing transaction yet ? @clintbailo94

Contact Kraken. This is the IRL equivalent of saying to your bank «Please send €1.000 to mr. ™ås8» and they go «Sure, no problem, you now have €1.000 less on your balance».