Need help restoring Nano from - Nault vs Natrium

Hey y'all. I bet you have seen this question a hundred times by now so thanks for helping us less technically proficient

I need to get my coins off of Yes I have my seed and can login. Yes all my coins are in tact. My question is which should I use, Natrium or Nault and how do I effing do this?

I see this medium post by Nault on how to do it but I noticed all the Nault recommendations came from the same person so I'm not sure how legit it is. On Nault I have to sweep all my Nano into a new wallet using my nanowallet-dot-io seed and I'm hesitant to click it. I want to do a test transaction first but as nanowallet-dot-io longer works, I can't test it.

Many nano owners have recommended Natrium so I'm leaning towards this wallet as it's user recommended but I don't like that it's just on my phone and I can't easily interface with an exchange on my desktop. I have also lost my phone many times. I downloaded and clicked "setup new wallet" and I think that was a mistake. I should have chosen "import wallet."

Would appreciate any help here on how to get my coins off of this dead wallet!

Both wallets are legit, both are open-source and well-regarded by the community. It depends if you need a mobile wallet: Natrium, if it's desktop then Nault.

So if you already set up a new wallet in Natrium, no worries. Just select "Logout" in the menu and play the setup once again by importing your seed. Let me know how it went.

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Thanks used Nault and worked well. For anyone who wants to do the same I used this guide. How to Migrate from to Nault | by Json (Joohansson) | Nano Education | Medium