Nault vs Nanovault (and why I'm still not using Nano)

Hi there,

This message is especially for Nault developers.

I installed Nault as a successor to NanoVault, as I heard that NanoVault is no longer a valid option with the new versions of the node.

I don't have the time to adapt my shopping cart to Nano, so I'm looking for a quick and dirty way to integrate Nano to a few hundred product pages.

One of the reasons of PayPal's success is that it is easy to generate payment links with very few coding knowledge. I believe it is still a major strength of PayPal.

As a desktop guy (no apps on my phones), NanoVault was my best candidate, and Nault now is, to generate payment links (accounts) and copy-paste them in a MySQL table.

But I'm truly upset with the new design of Nault for accounts as compared to NanoVault.
It is inefficient for managing a list of products (with one account per product).

I add a picture to illustrate. To my opinion, NanoVault had far superior design in this regard.
Ideally, editing accounts should be more or less like editing cells in Excel, without that a popup has to open for edits.

As we see, Nault requires a lot of precious space to display very few accounts.
I would suggest that you have a look at how CubeCart (a free shopping cart) list the products in a very compact and efficient way. It is very usable, also on laptops and is efficient at searching or filtering products. It could be a source of inpiration for Nault's accounts management and the labels.

I also don't undertand the Nault's 20-accounts limit (inherited from NanoVault) which doesn't seem to have a reason to be, as many more accounts can be derived from the seed.

A useful thing would be a way to import NanoVault's labels.
I had a look at Windows AppData folder but could not figure out how to import preexisting account from NanoVault into Nault.

I would also suggest thinking "fast edition" (like thus of Excel cells) and "batch mode".
For instance QR code pictures could be named according to label names and stored in a folder, so that the user would simply have to upload those pictures to its website with an FTP client.

I sometimes feel like you, developers, are in an ivory tower. I watched some technical videos.
Only "smart" and crypto-educated people can understand you :slight_smile:
Please don't take it bad!

If you want a major adoption of Nano, it is necessary to show to non-IT people how to use it, but also to let people try the interface and observe how they use it without external help.

I would suggest that you find some small merchants in your neighbourhood (typically garages selling spare parts through classified ads), teach them how they can simply generate payment links with Nault or NanoVault. You would probably learn a lot from how them.


The design choices in Nault is to look modern and easy to use for the normal user. Not as an accountant tool like excel. I think you want another tool for that. If you are looking to generate millions of accounts automatically in seconds you can take a look here:


If you want json to csv (there are hundreds of others):

Thank you very much.

Both batch tools will for sure be useful.
Generating a unique seed with the "Mass Wallet Generator" and then accounts with the "Mass Keypair Extractor" appears to me the way to go for a unique ecommerce.

I assume generating more than one seed is mostly useful when running separate businesses/services, or for those wanting some additional privacy.

The design choices in Nault is to look modern and easy to use for the normal user. Not as an accountant tool like excel.

I agree with the idea of a software that is easy to use and don't meant that Nault should adopt an austere Excel-like interface.

To my opinion, NanoVault's accounts tab didn't have an austere design, and was easier to read than Nault's account tab.

Sometimes "less is more". I believe the one-row per account was better.
A way to switch between different templates should make everyone happy. :slightly_smiling_face:

A pleasant design should not prevent a software being functional. By mentioning Excel, I was meaning the easiness of edition, not the design. Some fields, like account labels, should be directly editable by clicking or double-clicking them, without one has to leave the list of accounts.

I believe that for any merchant (even with few products), functionality comes first, and then the design. It doesn't mean that a good design is not important ; but it comes second, after the practically aspect.

Currently, I'm dreaming of the following process:

  1. Generate one seed

  2. Generate accounts with the "Mass Keypair Extractor"

  3. Import accounts in my product database. (one per product)

  4. Export SKU (product reference) and nano accounts as CSV pairs

  5. Import the pairs (SKU / nano_ accounts) inside Nault, where the SKU would become the labels

  6. Use Nault to automatically check daily if a product was purchased.

For point 6, I would suggest that accounts which received new transactions come at top, similarly to new received transactions in PayPal. Removing the 20-accounts limit in Nault, and adding some pagination of accounts would be very useful.

So, we could use Nano-tools and Nault together to get the best of the two worlds.