Nault Incoming Transactions

Hi, I downloaded Nault onto my laptop yesterday to store Nano on my Ledger. I sent a test amount of 50 Nano from Binance and had the confirmation. I have two incoming transactions, one for 49.9 Nano, one for 0.1 Nano showing on my dashboard as ready to receive and I confirmed it on the Ledger. When I click on either the refresh or receive buttons I get the message " An action was already pending on the Ledger device. Please deny or reconnect. I've tried disconnection, refreshing the page, reconnecting the Ledger, unlocking and opening the app. When confirming the transaction on the Ledger it appears to be showing a different wallet address to the one in Nault. It's been that way for 24hrs now. Am I missing something obvious here?

Were you able to get this resolved yet? Perhaps @keeri may be able to suggest troubleshooting options for the Nault > Ledger connection. I often see issues related to not being able to connect due to certain USB cables causing problems, but am not aware of the "action was already pending" error.

Yes, I hadn't authorised the address on my Ledger before sending it from Binance. Being too hasty I suppose, I should have read the instructions properly.
Of course I have the records in my Binance account but I guess it's lost now. Not the end of the world, it was only £20.
I've got the hang of it now and have moved the rest of my Nano from Binance to the safety of my Ledger and Nault.
Cheers, Gerry.

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