Natrium feels like the best nano wallet out there right now. How else can we improve this wallet?

This is a good idea in general for all wallet providers to implement. If you have a smartphone application you get a push notification, if you have a web application wallet you get an e-mail.

  1. Accept QR-codes with price in it. I tested a sample qr-code from info following the protocol in the wiki and it only read the address but not the price I've set...
  2. Add the camera button to the first screen, so we can pay even faster.
  3. Allow us to suggest a price in the receive screen.

All these things are present in the bitcoin wallet, ironically their interface is faster than their transactions.


Option for client side PoW.
It may take a long time but having it as an option in the event distributed PoW is unavailable, or simply so you don’t need to use the distributed PoW is important.


Marking some accounts as "quick pay" so you can pay with NFC or QR code without pin/fingerprint. That would mean storing the private key unencrypted or with something stored in the app though.

When payments take < 1 second everything counts

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Whitelist/blacklist addresses in the Contacts List.

So that you can label a Binance Withdrawal address (for ease of recognition), but can't accidentally send to it when you really meant to send to your Binance Deposit address.

(Oh: And everything everyone else said about alerting to Reps going offline too.)

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I think the trouble with client-side PoW is mobile app store policies against "mining".

Has that been tested?
I understand they don’t allow background processing.

These are all great ideas. But how do people feel about "addons"?
There could be a store tab that sell these addons for Nano (or free). People would be incentivised to develop new ideas like the ones listed here in this thread. Addons will only add to the user experience/interface and wouldnt be able to modify the core aspect of Natrium. (In much the same way as the popular online game World of Warcraft).

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Number 1 and 2 already exist. I've implemented the qr-code with price in it multiple places and Natrium handles it beautifully. For the second point, swipe up the "Send" button to quick-access the camera/scanner. That feature was a recent add to Natrium.

Number 3 is a great (should be simple) useful request. We lack a simple way to request payments and confirm receipt without knowing the sending account. Natrium could implement something like accept-nano (with locally manage accounts) to manage inbound receive requests/invoices.


So I have a business and want to accept nano but then I need to convert some to dollars. Would be amazing to have a wallet like natrium that allowed an automatic exchange to dollars that I could then send to my back account. We need stemless exchange between nano and Fiat. Once we do that we have adoption.

An in-screen QR scanner.

The ability to scan and capture a QR code from a picture/screencap/etc.

E.G. using your phone to browse internet/social media you see someone's QR code; however, there isn't a way to scan it without a second phone or computer screen


If they want to see and example workflow they can look at the Binance app for withdrawing.

Swiping up the button is very hidden, almost an easter-egg

Could the wallet contain hooks to call out to a PoW-engine add-in, that was actually downloadable directly from the Natrium site as a separate app or add-in?

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Needs ability to cash out

Natrium could lead the way on associating metadata with the transactions, such as a memo field. See this thread.

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Show the price per coin on main page

It's a local wallet, not an exchange, cash out implies in not having your keys with you.

Having the unit exchange rate might help while prices are still in local coins.

What would be nice is a way to add a price to the QR-code so the value comes filled-in when scanning.

From a scanned QR code, get a webhook callback url to send confirmed block details too.

I think Natrium needs to add a message feature, so you can add, say "split bill @ pizza place" to your transactions. I've already suggested it but alas one of the maintainers is not a fan and they are quite hard to reach.