Nanovault desktop VS Canoe wallet : First impressions

Hi there,

I installed and tested Nanovault desktop (version 1.2.1) and Canoe (version 1.0.2).
Please note that the following comparison concerns aforementioned versions, and that the wallets may evolve.

Both wallets were very easy to install.

In my opinion, both are good wallets, but — from a merchant point of view — still need some enhancement to be usable in practice, assuming that you need to create many payment links.
For use on a desktop, I would also recommend NanoVault desktop more than Canoe.

Here are my impressions about the ease of use.

Nanovault (desktop edition)


  • Creating new accounts is very fast. You just have to click the "ADD NEW ACCOUNT BUTTON" and a new NANO address is generated instantly.
  • Account labels can be optionnaly attributed to accounts after they were created. This can be used to set a product ID for instance. This feature is very valuable as you don't have to set a label when creating the links ; this can be done later.
  • The list of accounts is very readable. I really like how it looks.


  • Setting / Editing an account label is a little tedious as you have to access the account details, click the "Edit Account Label" icon, edit the label, click the "Save Changes" button and come back to the accounts list.
  • The number of accounts is limited to 20 per wallet (and you can only have one active wallet at a time).
  • The new wallets are appended at the bottom of the list, which can be painful when creating many wallets since you have to scroll the list.
  • Altough there is copy/paste feature for NANO addresses, there is a lack of export tool.
    The possibility to export account labels and account addresse to SQL (or to CSV) would be a must.
  • In the list is not possible to order links by label name.
  • There is no "search by label" feature.


  • Put the account label and the account address in distinct columns and allow sorting by clicking the account label column and balance column headers.
  • Allow label edition directly in the list when clicking it slowly (possibly use double-click on label to access account details)
  • Allow hitting "Enter" to validate the edition of an account label (and "Esc" to cancel).
  • Make double-click on "nano_" copy the whole address to clipboard and make double-click on a "1..." or "3..." address make it copied to the clipboard without the "nano_" prefix. (When copying addresses to database 60-chars field, the "nano_" prefix is useless since one can prepend it programmatically.)
  • Allow export from account-label account-address pairs to MySQL : UPDATE TABLE products SET nano_address="nano_(...)" WHERE sku="<the-nano-account-label>"
  • Remove the 20 accounts limit. Possibly use a database (e.g. sqlite) if necessary to go beyond this limit. Also consider pagination.
  • Allow sorting by account label and searching by account label.

Canoe Wallet


  • For newbies, Canoe wallet has kind of a tutorial during the setup and clearly warns about risks. It is a more educational software for those who were lazy to learn basic concepts about cryptos and NANO.
  • The wallet constantly locks itself after about one minute of inactivity and you have to unlock it using your password. This is a good security feature if you're in an environment with people all around. However it can be very annoying if you're alone in the room as you constantly have to unlock the wallet, including during intitial configuration when you're initially copying the seed to a piece of paper.
    In this regard, Canoe appears very paranoid, probably because it seems designed for the consumer user in mind.
  • For each account, the wallet allows to see an estimated equivalent amount in the chosen a FIAT currency (like USD, EUR, ...). Mentioning the source of the exchange reate would be welcome.
  • The wallet is translated in many languages.
  • You can give a color to an account.


  • Creating new account is awfully slow (about 5-10 seconds per address and some times never ending. It is at least 10x slower than with NanoVault.
  • You cannot create an account without setting a label for it. Then, you cannot create accounts almost in batch like you can in Nanovault.
  • From a merchant point of view (ecommerce), the Canoe wallet is far less usable than Nanovault desktop. I would even describe it as almost unusable if you have more than a very few products. I had not the patience to test if it supports more than 20 accounts.
  • The account lists doesn't show the nano addresses (nano_...) and hence you cannot easily copy them to clipboard like in Nanovault.
  • Canoe is designed for multiple devices. Altough it will run on desktop, one feels it optimized for mobile devices in mind. Hence the user experience is not optimal on desktop.


The NanoVault desktop wallet is clearly designed for desktop use, whilst the Canoe seems having been designed for mobile experience. Hence NanoVault will better suit merchant needs whilst Canoe appears me more oriented toward payments (and reception of payments) when on the move.