Nanovault desktop and the 20 accounts limit


I wanted to create payment links for different products, each being unique (collectibles).
The idea was to create one link per product and to name each link with the product ID, in order to know which product was purchased when a payment arrive.

Nanovault desktop version makes it relatively easy, but one is limited to 20 address per wallet.
Creating a new wallet is not a solution, since it would overwrite existing one.

Is there a reason why Nanovault limits the number of accounts (i.e. addresses) ?

I don't have a direct answer to your question (maybe ask @Cronoh on Discord), but would help at all?

How would you know what user the payment is from?

Generally people create unique addresses per user or even per individual purchase to know who to apply a payment to rather than per product.

Brainblocks payment processor does this for you behind the scenes of you have a storefront like woocommerce or Shopify.

Thanks for your replies.

After downloading the Nanovault wallet source code from here:

I could find where the account limit of 20 accounts is set: at line 51 of file src/app/components/accounts/accounts.components.ts :
if (this.walletService.wallet.accounts.length >= 20) return this.notificationService.sendWarning(You can only track up to 20 accounts at a time.);

One can also see it by running Nanovault desktop and chossing "View > Toggle Developer Tools" in the menu. Then navigate to "webpack://", "C:/projects/nanovault", "src", "app", "components", "accounts", "accounts.components.ts". Unfortunately, it does not suffice to edit it on the fly.

So, the easiest will be recompiling this NodeJS app or contacting Andrew (cronoh).

@Qwahzi: Thank your for mentioning but it is to generate a QR code from an existing address. Useful but it won't help in this case.

@Srayman: thank you mentioning that most people create per-user addresses. In my case, I want to create one-time-purchase links, that I can copy-paste into database of custom-developed ecommerce. I'm not sure about how simple or difficult accounting can be if one user makes different purchases to the same address. At least with unique addresses for one product, I know which product was purchased.
Yes I have to catch the customer address but I have some idea how to implement it. Brainblocks has integrations, but not for my system and I want self-hosting what I can.

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