Nano web wallet

Where is the nano web wallet? it has been awhile since I logged on to the website and it has changed. there use to be a link at the top with the different nano wallets including the web wallet. where can I find a link?
Thanks in advance

Welcome to the forum - the absolute best place to find the right Nano wallet for your needs is at

You can explore all the wallets in the ecosystem at a glance and get going straight away. I expect you will find the wallet you are looking for there - but if you still can't find what you are looking for, then just check back in here.

Good luck!

It wasn't a third party wallet it was one I had to use my seed to log into. I believe it was created by Nano.

You might be referencing a much older developer wallet.

I definitely recommend you check out the new wallets that allow importing accounts via seed from the link above.

I tried using the nano vault using the seed and it showed a zero balance but no transaction history. I know that cant be true or maybe I am doing something incorrectly. it didn't ask for an identifier like the old wallet just the seed. any ideas on how to try and recover my nano? I hate to be a pain just looking for some help.


i was able to recover on brain blocks... thanks for your help!

Good you found a solution. Nanovault has been replaced by