Nano Wallet on Mac no longer syncing... cannot access seed either

Hello fellow nanobots, I recently opened my wallet as most of us probably have but it is no longer downloading. Using 1.8.1 on macOS 10.15.7. Cannot even access seed as no menu option allows me to do so. I have a fairly large position that I'd like to access so any help would be greatly appreciated before I neck myself.... Wallet just sits there idle and nada happens.... help...

Hi, just checking - are you using the Nano Wallet Company desktop wallet from here?

I am indeed. I suppose I'm screwed now....

Not necessarily.

Taken from another thread:

After some research, it seems that this can be linked to the wallet trying to load up its database before letting you access the UI. So well worth trying the following fix:

On Mac, your Nano Wallet folder should be in ~/Library/Application Support/.
First, make a backup of the wallet files you mentioned, then create a new file called "data.ldb" - without quotes, in your Nano Wallet folder.

Launch the wallet, and if successful, it should allow you to open the wallet to receive the seed. Balances will say zero, but restore the seed elsewhere, and your balance will be correct.

Let me know if it solves the issue, good luck.

Many Thanks Andy! I got it to work and now I decided to wait out the rise and probably loose it all again :slight_smile: Take care and be safe! JP

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