Nano wallet desktop issues

its been about 3 years since I looked at my nano. First thing I did was open the old nano (xrb) wallet. there are funds in there. after a little searching on my desktop I find that I downloaded the nano wallet desktop verison 1.0.1 . It won't sync.

So I am not sure if my nano is in still in the old wallet or are they sync into new old wallet. . Are my nano funds stuck in xrb wallet?

That wallet is no longer supported as per this post from February 2020. It should outline how to restore balance in a new wallet via your Seed.

Think of the Seed as the funds, and not associated with any wallet in particular. Use this seed your Nano can be restored at anytime, in any supporting wallet.

Luckily i have that. not supporting an original wallet, is a terrible idea. I guarantee you guys burned a ton of coins from doing this. a lot people should have just left them on bitgrail at this point.

Users can easily take full responsibility for their funds by safely recording and storing the Seed to their account.

Elsewhere on the forum we have been able to help people recover from the situation you described in just a couple of steps, even though they didn't record their seed.