Nano Ticker

Nano still doesn't have a ticker, maybe the best option is to reuse the original XRB.

Why reuse? Because search engines show Nano things when you write XRB!

Just think about it, XRB is unique and it starts with X (for the ISO standard).

XRB would even solve the problem stated here about Nano SEO

Other options (XNC, XNN, XNO, etc) are already taken, those could bring legal trouble!

Thread in Spanish about this issue

XNC (Nano Currency) was mentioned many times. Seems a perfect ticker name. Are you sure it's already taken?

XNC is already taken by other crypto, and there is even a Cisco product called like that, taking names used by big companies will bring legal issues.

Some people on Reddit said that XNA would be a good choice, but it is already taken by Microsoft gaming platform.

XRB is already unique, not used by any big company, and even some exchanges are still using it.

Nano is good as a name, but too common for a ticker.

XNN is used by other crypto, and also used by an airport.
XNC is also used by a file format.
XNO is used by a musical group, many youtube channels, it also shows porn results

XRB only shows results about Nano, even the Wikipedia official article.

I'm used to think that nano's ticket is NANO.
Is it not the case or why do we need another short name for it?

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1 question, why is this necessary?
2 question, what is bad about nano
3 question, are you bored?

Some exchanges use "NANO" as ticker, others still use "XRB".

XRB as official ticker gives an oportunity to improve Nano impact on search engines, without rebrand.

Today I tried to find Nano library for microcontrollers on Github, to no avail:

  • "nano" showed more than 35k results, only nano-node was related to Nano (XRB) on the 1st pages
  • "xrb" showed only 154 results, more than 60% were related to Nano (XRB)

Nano is too generic, I got results about Arduino Nano, nanotechnology, and even nano text editor, etc. In the end I had to inspect my browse history to find the library I was looking for.

My suggestion is using XRB as ticker, then recommend projects to add XRB as keyword, so search engines will find it easily.

Nano could be still use as simple name when talking, but XRB will represent Nano univocally.

Nano as name is ok, I'm proposing to use XRB as ticker and keyword for search engines.

Just write Nano (XRB) once on each project description and search engines will find it.

Then we can search for XRB on Google, Github, etc and find results only about Nano.

No other project as big or bigger than Nano uses the XRB keyword.

The rebranding thing already happened (xrb-> nano), so any changes again will only add confusion to newcomers and search engines. Those exchanges that still use xrb either don't care much about nano or not properly keeping themselves up to date in general because they are basically small and don't have enough people. As for how to find anything related to nano currency in the web - well, you have to look for "nano currency" in the first place. Trying to force people remember "XRB" as a shortcut for "nano currency" will not do much good, IMHO, as I can't see how is it simplify anything.


Search "nano currency" advice is useless, try to search for a nano library for any programming language: "nano java", "nano currency java", "nano coin java", etc etc.

Not a single result related to Nano. I had to ask other developers until I have found the library I was looking for.

Nano is a good name for simple things, but for specific matters like documentation, programming, etc need better ways to search.

Rebranding was (raiblocks -> nano), we could have kept XRB ticker. I'm not saying we should return to raiblocks naming, Nano is here to stay, but we can use XRB to avoid name clashes with every single thing named nano in the world.

Writing Nano (XRB) in related projects could be the best way to improve Nano impact. Is it so difficult to write "Nano (XRB)" in strategic places?



我也觉得推广是最重要的,这个不只是名字的问题,我在这儿想说我们可以用XRB推广Nano。如果我们在特殊的地方写"Nano (XRB)",就XRB会帮人们找到Nano。现在找Nano的东西找得特别难,比如说找程式库。

I also think promotion is the most important. This is not about the name. I want to say that we can use XRB to promote Nano. If we write "Nano (XRB)" in strategic places, XRB will help people find Nano. Today is very difficult to find things about Nano, for example search programming libraries.


You are right, I think we need consensus to make Nano easy to search.



I think your right with the XRB thing. I DOES help with Google for sure. However you have to ask the Team what they would say if this is possible. I remember it was quite some "Drama" around the rebranding in those days. I still live Rai as the currency name. It goes well and sounds like Ray (which easily reminds of the sun, the life source). :grin:
But Nano is lovely, too. Can't imagine Nano being Raiblocks again.

The XRB mames sense though, also having the X starter in the ticker.

But I wouldn't bet there is a chance to go back to that ticker. (cause yeah I guess official ticker is now NANO)

Try searching for "nano currency" with quotes and all.
Developers should be using the term in their files.