Nano slogan

"Limitless Money for a Free World"
"Limitless money to empower the world"
"Simply limitless"
"Be unbound" <-- same vein as Bill's original concept. Nano, for freedom to control your money how you see fit (unbounded), not constrained or restrained by banks or governments.

Reminds me of the telecom company TIM here in Brasil: "Você sem fronteiras" ~"You without borders"

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Fast, Feeless, Fair

Simple. timed, triple F's

The first 2 F's are easy to get / grasp
But the Fair part, people will only understand after actually using NANO


Not bad. There are two possible future scenarios where Nano may not be feeless however.

  1. Wallets start charging for distributed PoW (not a bad thing for underpowered devices and likely many years down the track if ever)
  2. Spam mitigation turns out to be trickier than expected and a burn fee is introduced.

Should consider the impact the rebranding from Feeless to “Small fee” might have.

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I'd go with: Fast, Fair, Feeless.

Rolls easier off the tongue.

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Thanks for bringing this up Ben!

I watched the Steve Jobs video you shared and at 1’06” in he actually says “ … and the way to do that, is not to talk about speeds and fees … “ I kid you not lol.
You said “According to Steve Jobs marketing is about transmitting your core values to people, not telling people why this is the best.”
So… it not about fast & fee-less.

To discover this slogan for NANO we’re going to have to dig into the soul of NANO, the reason it was made.

Taking a moment to sink into the world of crypto we begin to discover what may have inspired Colin to create this fast and frictionless protocol & then seed it so democratically via the Capture faucet. ( strange that Kappture is involved now ).

At that time Bitcoin was there - growing on the promise to make money, and it’s value, ours again. Bitcoin was doing some of that, but failing on a fundamental level at transactions and sustainability. And these three things may have inspired Colin.

  1. To give people control of their wealth again through access to a decentralised, tamper-proof token of value.

  2. To render it safe, secure, fast and frictionless so that it could be easily and quickly traded.

  3. To ensure the holder retain all it's value by making transactions free.

A phrase comes to mind so far - which strikes at the heart of what is wrong with money now and which is maybe at the heart of what inspired Colin.

“ NANO - It was always yours “
" NANO - Money Set Free "

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How about simply: "Real money"?
Or: "Putting the real back in money"

Someone wrote that people associate digital with something unreal, I'm no subliminal message specialist but I think the person has a point. Maybe joining those terms to provoke thought, something like: "**Real and digital? **"

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Make money fair again
Money made equal
For people not banks

I personally like, "Do one thing and do it well" though there's argument that this could be more of a motto.


Global Money
The World’s Money
The People’s Money
Your money

"Do one thing, and do it well" is also my favorite slogan, @RockmSockmJesus. It transmits the core value of Nano and according to Steve Jobs marketing is about that.

The only downside is that it doesn't tell what Nano is, but in my opinion it is not that bad because people are always saying on social networks what Nano is (money, a currency, etc).

"Instant Financial Freedom" sounds good. Also, as I think that Nano will replace Bitcoin, it deserves the title of "The Currency of the Internet".

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That reminds me of a great book: "Start with Why" by Simon Sinek.

Here's a TED talk which distills the points he's trying to make, and specifically calls out Steve Jobs' effectiveness.

In short, the why doesn't have to include what we do or how we do it. Just the why.

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Then maybe something like: Better tommorow would ring a bell.

A user ended a comment on the Nano around the globe post on reddit with The future is now. Maybe that's not such a bad idea. Or The future is Nano

I totally agree with the TED video, @RockmSockmJesus. The why is the most important thing. Looking at Simon Sinek explanation we must take into account the Golden Circle:

Why: we believe that things can be improved. We believe we can do one thing and do it well.

How: the way we can do things better is with a new tech called the block-lattice that allows you to send transactions efficiently and easily.

What: and that happens to make a great currency.

"Do one thing, and do it well" perfectly describes the why Simon Sinek is talking about on his TED-talk video.

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Do one thing and do it well doesn't provide any context and reads like an excuse for doing only one thing. I think it is the best development approach but it doesn't mean anything to an average person. And also every other currency or technology for the matter of fact can claim the same slogan. It isn't something that makes Nano stand out. And also it doesn't elicit any kind of emotion which is the primary function of a slogan. Well is a meek word. And also the whole pherase is too long, just saying Do one thing would be better as it would also eliminate the meek word.

And also this is the already UNIX philosophy and not their slogan for a reason.

The future is Nano sounds nice.

Listen to this TED video and to this Steve Jobs video, it is not about the context or telling what Nano is, it is about transmiting your values and about explaining the why (the reason the project or organization decided to start such enterprise, as it is explained in the Golden Circle)

It is not only a development approach, it is also a powerful motto with positive connotations, such as excellence. And according to the Golden Circle it explains the why, it tells why Nano was created and the reason behind it (to improve current systems).

Many organizations can use slogans from other organizations, unless it has copyright.

You're transmiting your values and the why, when people know the why they start to rationalize the idea and people get to understand what you want to achieve. If I tell you directly Nano is money or a currency, it sounds boring. But if I tell you Nano was created to improve the inefficiencies of Bitcoin and the current financial system through a new technology and that way creating a better money or currency, that sounds much more exciting. And Do one thing, and do it Well is the core idea of Nano (that a system can always be improved).

It is already the UNIX philosophy, so what? If there's not any copyright, it shouldn't be a problem :slight_smile:


I think the arguments about avoiding mention of no transaction fees, speed, etc. - essentially the features of Nano - are good. Many of them are assumed with money outside cryptocurrencies (even if those assumptions are inaccurate, such as existing digital money transfers being fast at settlement).

We need something simple that captures some of the philosophy behind Nano. With regards to having the option to manage your own private keys, having a fixed supply that can't be manipulated, being decentralized to avoid control by external forces - all very valuable things to users - how about something like this?

Nano - Your Money

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Taking the Simon Sinkek thought process, our 'WHY' might reflect our interest in having people control their money, and by extension their financial freedom.

So how about:
"Control your money, control your freedom"
"Your money, your freedom"
"Your freedom, your money"
"Equality through money"

Even if we take the 'money' part out, the 'WHY' of it all could still be communicated.

"Freedom for all, anywhere"
"Equality for all, anywhere"

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