Nano slogan

I think the arguments about avoiding mention of no transaction fees, speed, etc. - essentially the features of Nano - are good. Many of them are assumed with money outside cryptocurrencies (even if those assumptions are inaccurate, such as existing digital money transfers being fast at settlement).

We need something simple that captures some of the philosophy behind Nano. With regards to having the option to manage your own private keys, having a fixed supply that can't be manipulated, being decentralized to avoid control by external forces - all very valuable things to users - how about something like this?

Nano - Your Money

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Taking the Simon Sinkek thought process, our 'WHY' might reflect our interest in having people control their money, and by extension their financial freedom.

So how about:
"Control your money, control your freedom"
"Your money, your freedom"
"Your freedom, your money"
"Equality through money"

Even if we take the 'money' part out, the 'WHY' of it all could still be communicated.

"Freedom for all, anywhere"
"Equality for all, anywhere"

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Whenever I see people posting their difficulties whether it's some crazy $150 transaction fees, or losing money on LN, or asking how much gas does it cost to send x. I just think to myself "Just use Nano".


Agree with @RockmSockmJesus, but "financial freedom" means something different. The word liberty is a good choice (although a hard sounding word).

"Financial Liberty" (not to be confused with Liberty Financial Bank...)
"Liberty for your wallet"
"Monetary Liberty"

In the liberty/freedom vein, I still like two of my earlier ideas...

Similar to the Nike, "Just do it" :slight_smile:

How about, "It's a no brainer"

One separate thought, I spent some time the other day looking at various Bitcoin slogans. Because when it comes down to "why", the only difference is implementation (which gets into how). I think part of our "why" is the "how". Maybe not "fast" and "feeless", but "Simply Limitless" talks about no limits to geographic boundaries, governments, race, or religion ... as well as things like no limits to transactions per second, number of times a single Nano can be spent, etc...

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Nano - No Limits

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I like this one very much. It points to the key feature of most cryptocurrencies so it doesn't specify all of Nano's qualities. Nevertheless, it is a good slogan.

The Equality through money is not a complete truth since it promotes equality only on the axis of having bank access by being your own bank.

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“Your Money your Freedom” is pretty good.

Describes the seizure and censorship resistance well.

With that slogan you are already telling the what according to the Golden Circle, you are directly saying "Nano is money". Now, you are also talking about who possesses that money and you also mention freedom, which could explain the why, but in my opinion freedom is a consequence of the product. Take for example Apple, their motto is Think Different, they are not telling you any consequence, but they are telling you Hey, people that think different have brought too many good things to the world. Including freedom and innovation. When you let people rationalize your message and let their imagination fly it is more effective to get attention, but if you directly say this is money, and this money brings you freedom there's nothing more to talk about. When you say Do one thing, and do it well, the core idea that a system can be improved to do one thing in order to reach excellence, you can say this approach can create a better money and freedom to move your funds anywhere around the world.

It's not why people built nano, it's why would you use nano.

Because it's fast:
"Time matters"

Because you can send money to the other side of the world:
"No frontiers"

Because you get rid of the banks:
"With you"

Because central banks can't steal your gold:
"The Real Deal"

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But according to Steve Jobs the way to keep your brand alive is not talking about speed and fees or talking about why it is better than other products. It is about choosing a value that people can feel identified, and make your brand stand out. For example, I value people who do a great job at any field, doing whatever they do. And you can say thanks to this kind of people the world keeps functioning and getting better. Do one thing, and do it well describes that idea perfectly. By the way, only programmers know it is the UNIX philosophy, the rest of the world doesn't know it.

Reading the responses and referring back to the core value these came up. Some are variations of other's and some go off on a tangent. ( creativity builds on inspiration ) If we keep this going something is going to pop - a distillation of all these valuable inputs. This is how community works.


Money made yours again

Our Next Money

Your Next Money

The Worlds Next Money

Your digital cash - perfected

Frictionless digital cash

Money as it should be

The best money can be

Your Money Set Free

Adding one more:

Own your money


I like your idea.
Simple and powerful :grinning:

This is good. Simple direct rallying message.


Here is something simple. Everything about NANO has been to make it easy.

Nano so easy

Fast transactions empowering people

Fast money for secure transactions

I had started a Reddit thread on the same topic and was directed here from that thread.

I agree that the slogan wouldn't have to include anything about the function of the currency or network. And there's a lot of things that the currency does just to achieve the intent - fast, feeless, green are all ancilary to what Nano (and most good cryptocurrency) is trying to achieve. I really agree with much of what @ako has written - digital money dilutes the impact. Paypal, Venmo, and Apple Pay are digital money that I'm not particularly interested in. Decentralization need not be mentioned as it's a means to an end.

I'd suggest that what Nano is trying to achieve is: "Value Equality".

Or maybe "Nano is Money for Everyone, Value Equality"

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"Digital Money"

Thats it. That is all you need.

There is literally a #DigitalMoney that is used on Twitter.


I would suggest

"Transfer Value Not Notes"

"Blocks are Good Lattice Better"