Nano slogan

Hi, guys. I want to talk with you about what is the proper slogan for Nano.

I have noticed some of the most recognized brands around the world —like Apple, Nike, Microsoft— have slogans that don't tell anything about the features of their products, they actually pay tribute to a group of people. For example, Nike has the slogan "Just Do It", paying tribute to athletes around the world. Apple has "Think Different", paying tribute to people who has changed the world. Microsoft has "Be what's next", paying tribute to people who innovates.

So I was considering to bring back "Do one thing, and do it well", because it pays tribute to excellence, people who always bring out the best in themselves to create progress. I would like you consider that slogan again, it has a powerful message.

I want to hear your feedback.


Thank you for bringing it back!
I like this slogan.
And I love that Nano actually does what the slogan says about Nano :slight_smile:

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I do like it, I would shorten to "Do one thing, do it well" (DOTDIW). But I think it is narrows the scope too much. Yes layer 1 Nano implementation is "do one thing do it well", but that only discusses its existence, not its goals/objectives. The objective of Nano (the concept) is beyond just existing, but to provide financial freedom to the world regardless of location, class, or anything.

So I nominate: "Your Fast and Feeless Financial Freedom". Or "Fast Feeless Financial Freedom" (but I kind of like the engaging feeling of "you".

All that said ... I'm a coder ... waaaaaayyyy outside my training digging into marketing topics. But that's my 0.02₦

My inspiration to create this thread was from this Steve Jobs clip:

Please, watch this carefully.

According to Steve Jobs marketing is about transmitting your core values to people, not telling people why this is the best. Steve puts an excellent example with Nike, they are not telling people everytime why Nike is better than Adidas, its marketing is based on paying tribute to athletes. That way people feel connected with your product.

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"Do one thing and do it well" is the Unix motto.
Can we brainstorm a little more? I mean, I never knew microsoft had a slogan.

I like the idea of being something useful. I mean:
"Money for the real world"
or something along those lines

That slogan doesn't make me feel connected to the product in any way, it doesn't make me feel part of something. While "Do one thing, and do it well" besides being the Unix motto, it can be interpreted as an acknowledgement to people who look to excel at their work and do things right.

I get it, but I can't help but think "Do One Thing Do it Well" would be a better slogan/tagline for the "Nano Foundation". For battle cry for the people that use Nano, the topic of freedom is prominent in my mind.

Other ideas...
"Live Your Life"
"It doesn't grow on trees"
"It's your money"

We could go the Ubuntu way and say: "Money for human beings" as in, simple to use, straight forward, no gotchas.

Or we could go full bananas and say "Free money" hahahah
Perhaps "Freedom money" along the lines @SomeNano suggests.

"a small step for money, a huge step for freedom" ... too long?

People usually refer to Bitcoin as "Magic internet money"

Could you tell me how a group of people can relate to one of those slogans?

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It's because people also don't grow on trees

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Nope, hah. Here's Mastercard's: There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's Mastercard.

Here's a related thread from May 2018:

Let's be bold:
"The future of money"
"Your global money"
"Money, the way it was meant to be"
"Money for the global citizen"
"Fast worldwide currency"

"Too hot for the FED"

At least that one is catchy. :laughing:

“Digital Money for People” :grinning:


That one I liked it, @ArranHarty.
Short, concise and including people around the world.

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It was aimed at being short, friendly and include the Digital Money term. Also, overly simplistic to be memorable.


I like digital money. Should avoid feeless and fast I think because that may not always be the case. PoW is seen as fees by some. Some alternatives:

  • Digital money 3.0
  • Digital money made efficient
  • Digital money for you
  • Digital money the right way
  • Money as it was meant to be
  • Money for the modern world (almost as the official one which I think is good already)
  • Money with compentence
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That's my favourite!

But remember, the slogan should be one that engages people in order for them to feel identified with your product. "Digital money for you" is a possibility.

I think we have at the moment 3 good options:

  1. "Do one thing, and do it well"
  2. "Digital money for people"
  3. " Digital money for you"

The first one transmit a powerful message besides being the Unix motto, talking about excellence and talking about people who give the best of themselves.

The second one is more open and concise, letting know Nano is money and that everyone is able to use it.

The third one is a more personal message for the individual, letting him know that Nano is money and it is there for him.

I like those three options. I'd sort them this way:

  1. "Digital money for you"
  2. "Digital money for people"
  3. "Do one thing, and do it well"

I like both the slogans that directly address people best and the one that addresses people personally the most.
The UNIX motto is a good one and it suits Nano very well, but it can blow in your face if you copy slogans.