Nano PoW - What should we expect?

Hey guys.

After the last big spam on Nano, we had a new prioritization algorithm.

The possibility of total removal of the PoW was mentioned, using the PoS4QoS design or other such solution. But for now it remains active, with the main advantage of adding cost to spam.

I'm the creator of P2PoW (P2P PoW delegation and I'm waiting for confirmations to be able to proceed with some updates. I even followed some debates, but so far I don't know what to expect or whether it's worth developing PoW solutions for Nano.

I know that Nano is something very experimental and maybe nobody knows what we should expect in the long run, but what but what can we expect for the next 6-12 months for Nano's PoW ?


I think the base level POW will stay, but there won't be any dyPOW, since mobile wallets still need the POW outsourced, I'm assuming services around POW might still be needed, only the core team can answer this in affirmation.

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