Nano node. Cannot see pending block

Hi everyone!
Cannot see pending block but it exists in the internet

I've expanded node with such a way:
sudo docker run -d --restart=unless-stopped -p 7075:7075/udp -p 7075:7075 -p 7076:7076 -p 7078:7078 -v --name=nano_node nanocurrency/nano:latest

Using a rpc request:
curl -d '{"action": "pending", "account": "nano_3n3bod7cdqbit6tshm3cfdgg5fnf3k6xr6hmgya1xnsdc3q7ijufbj145o3a","count": "1","include_active": "true"}' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST http://localhost:7076

And got this rexponse:
"blocks": ""

Also tried this request:
curl -d '{"action": "pending_exists", "hash": "1DC0658DBB6C85FF7845E608B2442B35BF14A3D7BE769369880EA2D39116E2E6","include_active": "true"}' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST http://localhost:7076/

"error": "Block not found"

What did go wrong?

This might be because you aren't synced with the network. What does the block_count RPC show for you? Is it close to the Median Block Count here:

I suppose you're right, response from this rpc:
"count": "1",
"unchecked": "1387730",
"cemented": "1"
With Average Unchecked Blocks on site 13,074

Also I just saw logs in docker and there are such numbers:
2449831 accounts in pull queue
32793 blocks (+ 0 state blocks) (+ 0 forced) in processing queue

How to make it synced?

You are currently still bootstrapping which can take hours to days depending on node specs. There could be some network setup preventing good peering - if you don't have close to or over 200 peers that could be the case.

If it has been up for a while, is peered well and isn't making progress, it may be worth restarting although without any blocks in "count" that means your unchecked will drop to 0 and start from scratch again, so avoiding that is preferred if possible.

If progress cannot be made an alternative is to download a ledger file and use that, which should allow you to catch up pretty quickly.

Did I do right this steps:
Downloaded ledger file using this command wget -O ledger.7z -q --show-progress
With my node turned on used next:
printf "%s ledger.7z" wget -q -O - | sha256sum --check

Waited for message ledger.7z: OK

Count of unchecked blocks didn't reduce. Did I miss something?

Did you switch out the old ledger with the new one?

No. If I understand correctly, after running a node in my local repository should appear a folder /home/<user>/Nano/ and inside of it should be data.ldb. I don't have such a directory :roll_eyes:. OS Ubuntu 20.04

I got the answer in discord and could make a move. Thank you all! :slight_smile: