Nano lost in limbo between Kraken and my Exodus

Five days have passed since I sent all my Nano balance from Kraken to my Exodus wallet.
I still have not received any of it.

When I check the withdraw on Kraken it says that it is SENDING

When I try to check in my Exodus wallet
The balance is 0 NANO
and the advanced ptions inform me that
"I need to receive funds first to set a representative"

Checking my public address on the blockchain i get following the message

This account hasn't been opened yet

While the account address is valid, no blocks have been published to its chain yet. If NANO has been sent to this account, it still needs to publish a corresponding block to pocket the funds.

Where are my NANO's ?
How can I get them to appear into my exodus wallet?

Thank you in advance for any help.

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Did you manage to solve the problem?

I have the same problem, but from Natrium to Trust Wallet