Nano Bench Proposal

Problem statement:

Nano does not have a standardized way to transfer/store off chain accounting data.

Short description:

Nano Bench is an open source wallet SDK. Data can either be put on or taken off the 'bench', which is a side chain superset of a nano account chain stored locally by client.

Architecture diagram:


  • The SDK is the main handler for user input with a focus on Nano URIs
  • It is also responsible for block/hash handoff protocol
  • Consumes Nano URIs with custom parameters and provides wallet with initial block details
  • Accepts confirmed block details from wallet and stores locally
  • Allows 'bench' data to be imported and exported to other wallets and software

Nano URIs:

The SDK will have special methods to handle parameters regarding block handoffs.

Ex 1: nano:nano_{account}?amount=1&handoff_type={hash/block}&handoff_url={merch api endpoint}

The SDK will wait for wallet to provide hash or signed block and then deliver to {merch api endpoint}

Custom params:
Ex: 2: nano:nano_{account}?amount=1&fiat=usd&fiat_value=1000&memo='nano to moon'

All custom parameters will be parsed and saved to the 'bench' for the corresponding block.


  • Standardizes the handling of user input across wallet providers
  • A modular / central place for future wallet updates that works in tandem with protocol updates.
  • Can be expanded to provide helper methods for signing and mnemonic phrases
  • Less code for wallet providers
  • Solves payment id handoff
  • Provides flexible way to store other relevant accounting data for taxes etc.

Further recommendations:

While this SDK could be run by anyone, it should be operated by NF as they have the most influence and leadership over wallet providers. It would also be a nice addition to the linux-like platform they plan to become.

The SDK should be written in either C++ or Dart for portability and bindings to other languages and platforms.

The 'bench' can use any data structure for local storage however I would recommend a structure with double entry accounting as that is a finance standard. Here is a rough JSON layout:

    "000D1BAEC8EC208142C99059B393051BAC8380F9B5A2E6B2489A277D81789F3F": { /* Wallet ID */
        "accounts": { /* account dictionary */ 
            "nano_1qato4k7z3spc8gq1zyd8xeqfbzsoxwo36a45ozbrxcatut7up8ohyardu1z": {
                "balance": "999", /* current running balance */
                "credits": { /* all transactions going out of account with send block */ 
                    "E2FB233EF4554077A7BF1AA85851D5BF0B36965D2B0FB504B2BC778AB89917D3": { /* Key: confirmed block hash, Val: extended block details dict */
                        "subtype": "send",
                        "to": "nano_33t5by1653nt196hfwm5q3wq7oxtaix97r7bhox5zn8eratrzoqsny49ftsd",
                        "amount": "1", /* nano amount */
                        "fiat": "usd",
                        "fiat_value": "1000",
                        "memo": "rent corp 7285",
                        "handoff_type": "hash", /* either 'hash' or 'block' */
                        "handoff_url": "",
                        "local_timestamp": "1636398402",
                        "confirmed_block": {
                            "type": "state",
                            "account": "nano_1qato4k7z3spc8gq1zyd8xeqfbzsoxwo36a45ozbrxcatut7up8ohyardu1z",
                            "previous": "6CDDA48608C7843A0AC1122BDD46D9E20E21190986B19EAC23E7F33F2E6A6766",
                            "representative": "nano_3pczxuorp48td8645bs3m6c3xotxd3idskrenmi65rbrga5zmkemzhwkaznh",
                            "balance": "1000000000000000000000000000000",
                            "link": "87434F8041869A01C8F6F263B87972D7BA443A72E0A97D7A3FD0CCC2358FD6F9",
                            "link_as_account": "nano_33t5by1653nt196hfwm5q3wq7oxtaix97r7bhox5zn8eratrzoqsny49ftsd",
                            "signature": "A5DB164F6B81648F914E49CAB533900C389FAAD64FBB24F6902F9261312B29F730D07E9BCCD21D918301419B4E05B181637CF8419ED4DCBF8EF2539EB2467F07",
                            "work": "000bc55b014e807d"
                "debits": { /* all transactions coming into account with recieve block */ 
                    "DBO3233EF4554077A7BF1AA85851D5BF0B36965D2B0FB504B2BC778AB899A43Z": { 
                        "subtype": "recieve",
                        "from": "nano_46sAblk1653nt196hfwm5q3wq7oxtaix97r7n8eratrzoqsnygenerousStranger",
                        "amount": "100",
                        "fiat": "usd",
                        "fiat_value": "100000",
                        "memo": "a generous gift",
                        "local_timestamp": "1636398402",
                        "confirmed_block": {
                            "type": "state",
                            "account": "nano_1qato4k7z3spc8gq1zyd8xeqfbzsoxwo36a45ozbrxcatut7up8ohyardu1z",
                            "previous": "932BA48608C7843A0AC1122BDD46D9E20E21190986B19EAC23E7F33F2E6AE897",
                            "representative": "nano_3pczxuorp48td8645bs3m6c3xotxd3idskrenmi65rbrga5zmkemzhwkaznh",
                            "balance": "100000000000000000000000000000000",
                            "link": "99BeF4F8041869A01C8F6F263B87972D7BA443A72E0A97D7A3FD0CCC2358F9TO1",
                            "link_as_account": "nano_46sAblk1653nt196hfwm5q3wq7oxtaix97r7n8eratrzoqsnygenerousStranger",
                            "signature": "A5DB164F6B81648F914E49CAB533900C389FAAD64FBB24F6902F9261312B29F730D07E9BCCD21D918301419B4E05B181637CF8419ED4DCBF8EF2539EB2467F07",
                            "work": "000bc55b014e807d"

Also to clarify, the kit would consume raw user input as well which could be anything. A basic nano address or any new future format like nano_{address}_{suffix block field or data}. Maybe even a hashed Nano URI for easier copy /paste.

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Tagging @koczadly here for visibility as they were looking into some of this stuff recently.

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