Nano Balance dropped to less than one

Hi, I bought nano way back when it was Raiblocks. I have not logged into my nanowallet in a very long time, at least two years. I had everything in Nano wallet version13. When I logged in today my balance was less than one. I see all my purchases and transfers in then one transfer out. I could not see dates so I imported my seed into Nault and see the same thing. The transaction dates are all 12/31 1969 though. and my old address starting with xrb_ is now nano_ I am trying to find some help in figuring out if I am doing something wrong here and tracking down where my balance went, and why. This was on a computer that is offline and the private key is on paper in a safe and never stored on the computer so I am pretty sure I am just doing something wrong and I wasn't hacked.

OK my mistake here please disregard. I transferred out. When I started tracking the transactions I went to Binance, then later into a new wallet which I had uninstalled. Once I found those details I recovered.

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Good to hear it, thanks for updating!


I use Nanovault. When I logged in it shows "There was an issue retrieving latest Nano price. Ensure your AdBlocker is disabled on this page then reload to see accurate FIAT values". I don't even have an ad blocker extension. Can you help? My balance shows that nano is $1 which is incorrect.

Thank you

Nault is a forked and improved version of NanoVault - you may wish to try there.

Thank you so much.

Okay I can do that.

I have 129 nano and it shows that I have $129 (incorrect). When I try to send to another wallet, it shows that I am sending $129.

If I send it to Nault or Binance, will my balance show $129 (This is what I see when trying to send it) or the value for 129 Nano?

Please see attached screenshot.

Thank you

You do not need to worry, the wallet is just pulling in incorrect price data.

Your 129 Nano is 129 Nano.