Nano account on Binance showing unopened

Hi to everyone,

I have a problem with my Nano account on binance. I send it a Nano from Exodus wallet to binance. After a few days still I didn't receive deposited Nano. I checked on nanocrawler and it is written that account is unopened. I raised a issue to binance and I got rejected with sentence " Blockchain have not confirmed the transaction yet". What does this mean? What I need to do to receive my nano on binance account?

Can you check the Original Block Content section and let us know if it's Confirmed or Unconfirmed?

If unconfirmed, not Binance' fault.

Confirmed: false means unconfirmed I suppose?
What to do? Binance keeps on asking for a txid in order to proceed with helping. Where do you find the txid in this case?