Nanno bot telegram/lost everything?

Hi, a few years ago when i bought XRB/nano. I could check my coins true the nano bot on telegram, it seems the bot doesnt exist anymore, ive got the feeling i lost my coins or is there some way to fix this? Kind regards and much thanks in advance.

Welcome back to the Nano community! It depends on which Telegram bot as there were 2 at time if I remember correctly. I would recommend getting in touch with @JayyCox on Telegram with your original account information and he'll be able to help hopefully.

Hi George, oke thanks for the tip, I will send him a message hopefully he will reply to me?
Kind regards.

Did you have any success?

I had Nanos in the telegram bot and I couldn't migrate on time.
The bot gave me the seed and a new address, I entered them in NanoVault but my coins are not reflected.
What happened? lost my coins?
Please, I need help to understand what to do ... Thanks

Try and add more accounts in NanoVault / Nault, seeds can store multiple accounts: