My transaction from Binance is stuck. What do I do?

I sent it several hours ago but my wallet has still not pocketed the transaction!

First of all - do not worry, let’s find out what stage your withdrawal is at!

Wallets (and other services) can have issues from time to time e.g. nodes going out of sync. But it is easy to check where the issue is.

You can visit your withdrawal history in your Binance account and copy either the destination address or the TxID into a Nano block explorer such as If your Nano is not pending at the destination wallet address, then Binance has yet to process your withdrawal. If it is pending or “unpocketed” at the destination address, then you can assume that the wallet service you are using is experiencing technical problems.

If you have the seed of the wallet in question(which you should have recorded on creation), you can always try restoring it in another service if you want to get the transaction processed sooner.

Alternatively, if you don’t need to send the funds on quickly, you may just wait for the service to fix any issues with the knowledge your Nano is safe.

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