My nano wallets stoped sending

It says try in a fuw mins we are trying to fix but its been 24 hours no send

Hi Pauka, welcome to the forum.

Which wallet are you using?

I have the same issue going with my wallet. I am trying to move my coins off before February 10th but is not letting me move anything. My wallet is On a Samsung. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated because I have quite a lot of I'm in their.

Perhaps give it another try, I was able to send a transaction a few moments ago. There have been intermittent periods where the NWC wallets have had sever issues.

I have tried 3 times now and deleted it re installed it and it is still not letting me send any of my manal out. I have my seed what can I do to get my coins. Desperate any help will be greatly appreciated.

You can use your seed to restore your account on another wallet.

You can find a selection here:

Thanks again. Have a great day.

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Me again. The mobile wallet I got from your link wants 24 words I tried to put my seed n which is a mix of letters and numbers as you know that is not the same. what should I do now?

I did get the brain blocks to Work. But the mobile one did not thanks again for all your help I super appreciate it have a great day

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If the mobile app is Natrium and you want to enter a 64 character seed in it, I believe there is a little seed icon in the corner on the screen asking for the mnemonic phrase. That button should allow switching to the alternative seed entry option.