My connected Ledger Nano wallet show 0 balance!?

I have previously sent nano to my Ledger Nano hardware wallet but have not used it in a long time. Now when I connected it via nanovault it show zero balance and has another account then it had last time? How did this happen? Are my nano lost?

It’s most certainly the order of which your wallet accounts are created from the seed that has changed. The default in Nanovault is to generate the first account in the list but the same thing has happened to me some months ago and my theory is that something has been updated to nanovault which changed the order. Fear not, as long as the ledger using the same seed as it used when you did the last transfer the nano are still there. Given that no one got access to your ledger.

Please try connecting the ledger to nanovault, then press “Add new account” in the top right corner. Do this until your balance is returned. Just keep in mind that there is a rare instance where the maximum of 20 addresses you generate may not be the same 20 if you open it in another browser and regenerate the addresses. You will need to manually enter 21, or 22 in the Account # box in advanced settings if this happens to get the missing account back (just remove some other account first because 20 is the maximum you can track).

It is also recommended to use the desktop version for Linux, Mac or Windows found here. By using that you are no longer bound to limitations in certain web browsers, which is the most common cause of troubles. In rare cases it's the other way around. For example if it's not displaying the correct address/amount with the desktop version, try the online version instead, or another computer/OS in worst case. Please also have a look at the full Nano Ledger guide or video guide.

If transactions are pending and the Ledger is not receiving, try disable the "auto-receive" in the Ledger nano app settings (and manually approve them on the device). Also try using "Client side PoW source" in the nanovault app settings.


use nanoninja wallet for use nano ledger

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