My account accept some nano,but the coin always in the Receivable state. i can't use the coin

my account is nano_14crra1nukpixoz3or6cpos898zgo8nptjzidzhk3psx7tt7qiki41au31b6, yesterday i accept nano from [nano_14uzbiw1euwicrt3gzwnpyufpa8td1uw8wbhyyrz5e5pnqitjfk1tb8xwgg4],the block is 591F7CEFD02E9D935EC122142A0446A68E38AB2F7FD5F6BF58F57480F2F0745D,you can click the link NanoLooker to get more infomation. i have use the address for several days but only yesterday's trade is in trouble. plz help me

Hi, and welcome to the forum!

This is most likely an issue with the wallet you use.
The block, which sent the funds to your account, has been confirmed by the network.
So the funds are yours, but it's up to your wallet to pocket the funds by sending a receive block to make them available for spending.
This hasn't happened yet and there's little you can do, if it's related to the wallet's back end not working nicely.

May I ask: do you use TrustWallet or Atomic wallet? The multicurrency wallets are notoriously known to treat Nano transactions way worse than the native wallets like Nault or Natrium do, which is why I highly recommend using Nano native wallets for dealing with Nano.

yes i use the trustwallet. now i decide to download an offitial wallet.thx!

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Just move your XNO to your new wallet, once you're familiar with it and don't forget the Ӿ1.2257044, which get ignored by TrustWallet right now.
Don't forget to backup your keys/seed/mnemonic!