Make use of requests_cannot_vote to allow better catching up

From my understanding, when nodes don't have the dependency of a transaction, it drops the vote as requests_cannot_vote.

This should usually implies the nodes are falling behind, especially if it has high amount of vote.

Instead of simply dropping those elections, we could prioritize the dependencies of the corresponding transactions to be added to AEC, this should allow nodes to catch up better.

This would allow remote requests to circumvent the prioritization decisions made by the election scheduler.

Thanks for the quick response! By circumventing, I believe you mean it as a bad thing?
I mean if the election is already over say over 50% vote, why is it a bad thing to follow?

Just to clarify, I always mean doing this only for requests with high vote already, say 50%.
I can understand that it would be a problem if we prioritize the AEC just because any remote requests.

I know I could still be wrong though, there could be some concept I have missed. Please feel free to point that out.

Currently the nodes that are fall behind in confirmed blocks are not able to catch up for some reason, I am guessing that is something to do with they picking up some poor choices into AEC, maybe it has something to do with old confirmed blocks using PoW which is different from the current prioritization? Honestly I can't get my head around the root cause of this.

I just assume we want those nodes to catch up, and that's why I have this suggestion.