Look what I have found is this normal?

hi there ! I was in the nano explorer today and I come on this page where it shows an image of carlos matos for those who dont know him , he was one of the guys behinde the bitconnect so what is goin on ?

my nano address in case someone one wants to donate and help find more strange stuff in nano:


page with carlos matos pictures : https://nanocrawler.cc/represetatives

Hey there : ) Yes - this is normal hehehe.
Developers often get creative with the '404 - page not found' response. You typed 'represetatives' which is not a word ( it's represeNtatives ) so it sent you to 404.
Sent you ⩘⩗1.00 to keep scouting around!


yeah very creative so it was just developer´s joke that´s cool

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