Let an account assign its voting weight to multiple representatives

If an account is allowed to assign its voting weight to multiple representatives whose roles and purposes are entirely different from each other, then we should be able to create a network that is more robust as well as decentralized.

For example, an account is allowed to choose 2 representatives, representative1 and representative2.

representative1 is the status quo. However, the role of the representatives of representative1 is depreciated to just counting the voting weight of the representatives of representative2

representative2 are the representatives who vote on the transactions. Nano's instant-transaction feature has its tradeoffs.

  1. Less PRs, the better -- The network tends towards centralization as it gets bigger.
  2. There is a limitation on how much a node could do, as its primary purpose is to make the transactions instant.

Since representative1 is counting the voting weight of representative2, we could let the representatives in representative2 group together to form a PR. The rules could be as follows:

  • The voting weight required to be a PR is set to 0.2% of the total supply.

  • Let's say representative_1, representative_2, . . ., representative_n are the representatives in representative2, and their voting weight are X1, X2, ...,Xn respectively.

    When representative_1 assigns its voting weight to representative_2, the new voting weight of representative_2 is X1 + X2. representative_2 can further assign its voting weight, X1 + X2, to representative_x as long as the new total weight, X1 + X2 + Xx is less than 0.25% of the total supply.

If we do so, we could have as many representatives as we like, but less PRs, at the same time keeping the spirit of decentralization intact. And if only the PRs are allowed to vote on a transaction, we could have the representatives do the queuing of the transactions for the PRs to vote on.

I think if we let an account choose multiple representatives, the possibility of what the network could do is endless. I hope it will be kindly received.

Thank you :broccoli:

or you could just make another account to split your coins/support weight and use those to choose different reps

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I don't wanna be rude, but I believe that would overcomplicate things...
With a single seed you can create billions of accounts.
A person could easily split their funds into separate accounts and change their representative.

You do know every node counts the weight of a vote based on their own database before deciding on what block to confirm (or confirm first in case of fork), which adds their own weight when other nodes are counting, right?
The rep doesn't tell other nodes its weight, the other nodes check the weight based on their own databases and the validity of the vote based on signature and public key