It’s been 2 days since I sent my NANO to KuCoin

Hey there maybe someone can help me PLEASE! I’ve sent 36 Nano to my KuCoin account on 3/1 and I’ve done this all before but it’s never taken this long. I went on the block explorer and it shows me “1 transaction ready to be received” I went to KuCoin and nothing. Can anyone tell me if I’m missing something? :pray::pray:

You'll have to open a support ticket with KuCoin. "Transaction ready to be received" means that the Nano network has already processed the transaction, but it's waiting for the destination account/wallet (KuCoin) to make the receive transaction

My Nano Ninja is showing their node is online (92% of uptime)
last receives 4 hours ago though... and sends every half hour...
Maybe they are throttling the transactions for some bizarre reason

Thanks but like an hour after this post it showed up lol