Is this forum expected to be as popular/busy as /r/nanocurrency? Or maybe the goal is meant as a replacement?

Just curious of the reasoning.

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It's not meant as a replacement for Reddit which has it's own advantages and commonly used by other cryptocurrencies. As I see it, this forum main advantage is to easily find re-occurring questions and discussions. You will automatically get suggestions before you even post. That makes it suitable for general support, a bit like Also focused discussions that run over a longer period of time. Reddit is more suited for general news, announcement, events, contests, etc. Posts usually disappear in the stream after a few days. There is a search function on Reddit too but people barely use it I think based on the support requests we see there.


I barely use Reddit because discussions get lost over time, I just use Reddit to get the news. But the fact the Nano Forum shows you the latest comments on a thread is a nice feature to continue discussions, it almost feels like a chat. So for having discussions that can take many days I definitely would use Nano Forum.


Good points. I have had trouble in the past finding information in a subreddit. And as mentioned, the discussions can run over a longer period, whereas reddit's default sorting algorithm hides older things very quickly.

Discourse is most certainly better for those cases.


I'm a bit off topic but everything about this forum is beautiful not only aesthetically but functionally too. Hats off to everyone who helped made this possible.