Is there a list of all merchants accepting Nano?

I want to try purchasing something with nano, where do I find some shops?

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Yes, a community-driven project tries to track all known merchants:
UseNano Library


Branching out a bit from the main topic, though I've mentioned this before on our subreddit - I really do wish that the ones maintining would change the site interface to allow manual entries from registered users (to prevent spamming). This in turn would allow users to provide a greater detail of information such as:

adding a very specific address
adding a city name
showing which country the entity resides in
providing optionally an E-mail address and contact numbers
Allowing a much longer list of product or service categories
showing the service coverage of the entity
advising any special discounts or deals for Nano users
showing any other miscellaneous notes that the business or entity wants to share
showing a location map so Nano users visiting from a different country can find them easier
allowing a user to specifically pin their location on the said map, as well as to change this in case of a physical location change
show when the entity registered on the site
Allowing users to search by category, city, country, or business name

If any registered users create needless spam, their accounts can be limited or banned altogether. This would be a much better, more definitive guide for those wanting to spend Nano anywhere in the world.


I totally agree with this.

Hey, I am the developer of UseNano

I appreciate your feedback and I am currently working on a new, enhanced UseNano which will make it a lot easier to add new stores and easier to find relevant stores


:+1: Looking forward to the new site.