Is price discussion allowed?

Some crypto forums don't allow price discussion and recommend using other venues.

Is that something that is permitted here? Maybe a separate category if it is not appreciated in #general?

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I am strongly in favour of having a separate category for this. Everyone interested in price discussions can go there, and the rest will not be annoyed.


yeah I think having a separate category would be best, we dont want to crowd general with too much price talk

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i like a separate category

We do not allow price discussion here, but there are many place in which you can discuss trading and price.

Telegram is a good place to start


Maybe a separate category would be a good idea? :grin: Alot of people like talking about price movements. Why discourage them? r/Nanotrade reddit for instance....its far better than r/nanocurrency. Why exclude anyone? Why not have a category for whatever people want to talk about?

There is a reason we don't have it on the main Reddit or Discord. However, there are other channels where it's much better suited for that type of discussion than a support forum like this.

TNC trade channel:
Nano Trade:
The daily post at

This forum is better suited for serious long term discussions and helping people. Daily price speculations and moon talk does not fall into that category. It would also bloat the search function on this site.


I very much appreciate the attitude outlined in the last paragraph of your post.
Let's focus on supportive, constructive posts here and have the price speculation elsewhere.

Fair enough. Makes sense. :grin::+1: