Is nano still vulnerable?

I read this article - - is still actually? If someone get 3mil $, than my nanos will be "nothing"?

in some article:

Developers will fix it…

No, they will not.


There's dynamic proof of work now (that article is old). The attacker won't be able to prevent normal transactions from working on the network. The CPU/GPU requirements go up the more spam there is.

so what problem have nano now?

The documentation has a list of attack vectors. IMHO these are small problems.

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thanks, and what now nano team work now a most?

Happy to answer questions! :slight_smile:

Nano is basically fully working, so the things that are being worked on is to make it faster, use less disk for nodes, more secure, etc.

There is a roadmap of the major features here:

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while i don't have any concerns that relate directly to the original question in this thread, i could not see a better place to bring this up...

some r/nanocurrency users have noticed multiple large transactions going back and forth, repeatedly between two addresses. this has been going on for months. 420,420.69 nano

i was wondering if these continual efforts might be an attempt to purposely slow down the network. also, whoever this entity is, they still take the time to grab drips from nano faucets. 0.000165 nano. if i was continually moving upwards of $2.5 million USD back and forth i would likely not drain the welcome to nano faucets...

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This is not slowing down the network, those are a few transactions. Not sure if you're a concern troll or just don't understand how large capacity the Nano network can take.

sigh only curious. disregard

No worries, a transaction of $1 million USD is no different than a $0.01 USD transaction. That person is just messing around. They're also only doing like 1 transaction per minute.

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So... everyone knows about the slow downs and locked wallets now...

I know it has been explained time and time again but:
How slow are the slowest representative nodes that they can't keep up with the network anymore and what percent do they take that transactions can't reach quorum without their votes?
This attack might be a little more elaborate than we have figured.

Not sure if you're a concern troll

He is not a troll. He is a nano holder.