Is it still possible to safe funds from old nano wallet?

Hi dear Nano team, i didnt open my nano androit wallet in along time so i just recognize that it is out of order since 10th of february .... i`m a real hoddler :wink: . So now i wanted to restore my account on the exodus wallet by entering my nano seed but i cant figure out where to enter it . Or is there maybe another wallet better for this purpose or is it just not possible to restore the funds from the old wallet ? I know so many questions but help would really be appreachiated , thank you very much :slight_smile:

If you have your seed, trying to enter it into Natrium!


Natrium is indeed a popular wallet, there is a full list and quick breakdown of each here :

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HI guys. Similar problem, just I've been holding since the dawn of time...
My Nano is found on the now defunct RaiWallet.
I've tried backing up my seed to Exodus, Atomic and Magnum to no avail.
I'm not very keen to use mobile wallets, so any help in transferring to one of the above (or Ledger) would be of great assistance?
Cheers, Adam.
@Andy_Johnson @thatmathguy

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You should be able to import your seed to or Natrium. You could always do that temporarily to send it to a new account somewhere else

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