IOTA on-chain breach- possible learnings for NANO

I would like to understand what all possible learning is there for nano from IOTA on-chain theft. As both NANO and IOTA deploy on DAGs.

Are we sheilded from such an attack what if any attack ever encountered may result in possible shutting down of the network till further notice.

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The vulnerability was a dependency in the Trinity wallet software that resulted in seed compromise, not a protocol level issue apparently.
Nano is a completely different protocol despite being lumped in the same “DAG” category and bears no relationship in terms of consensus, security vulnerabilities, nor signature schemes.
In summary even if it were a protocol level issue the two protocols are unrelated.


DAG is just a data structure, IOTA and Nano have very little in common despite both being DAGs. Most attack vectors will be based on the consensus mechanism, which are completely different in the cases of Nano and IOTA. If there is ever a realistic attack vector that is shared by both, it's unlikely to be simply because both are DAGs and will likely relate to some other commonality.

In this particular case, since the attack on IOTA was based on a dependency used by a 3rd party within their wallet, the only way for Nano to also be vulnerable was if some Nano wallet was also using that 3rd party. But this would be true of any cryptocurrency project, any crypto wallet that used that 3rd party (and that dependency in particular) would be vulnerable to the same attack vector.