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This looks dodgy...

Why only have a screenshot with no link to the app or source code?

Why is there only a single address to send to?

You have just joined these forums and have made this single post. How can we can trust sending a random person money to be mixed?

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hi there ! this is a great question the mixer is not 100% yet I only allow people to test it and see how it works the testing address is working 100% any value sent is mixed and then send back to the source account but don´t worry if you don´t feel safe it is ok if you look at the address tx history you can see that the funds on it come from binance 100% safe and Verified

In theory you could "mix" transactions without having to mix them for real... like having lots of addresses in your wallet and when spending the funds have them taken from random addresses on that pool.
And generating new addresses everytime you receive something and spreading.

I understand that the normal mixing approach is like the tor network and all but it is based on trust, thus it's not safe. Not your keys, not your money.