Increasing minimum work difficulty with current PoW algorithm

Some ideas to fight spam, instead of focusing on transactions, look also at account balance and account creation:

  1. require minimum amount of Nano in sender's account to process send transaction (just like XRP and XLM). This amount can steadily rise or decrease by node updates, which will (not) process transactions, instead of using epoch blocks which will create more bloat.

  2. require high level of effort for account creation, this effort must be significantly higher than for transactions, e.g. 1000x

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  1. Has been discussed previously and it would significantly reduce value proposition of the protocol for many of the services (eg new accounts for payment services generating unique addresses for each payment)
  2. Also discussed, and seems to make sense, but not sure what the logistical barriers are for implementation.

I don't see how it reduces the value proposition of the protocol;
There is currently no legitimate value in being able to send less than 0.001 NANO.
Using a threshold that can be adjusted by node updates, the network can still support microtransactions (if they ever become useful) while not wasting resources on impractical transactions below the threshold.

They are presumably referring to minimum account balance to minimise account creation spam as implemented in XRP and XLM

Seems to work well for XRP and XLM...

It also reduces the feasibility of a number of use cases for account opening including new addresses for each merchant transaction.