Iinterest in contributing code time


I would have some interest in contributing some code. Nothing particular in mind, more just another coder doing the bit you don't want to. Have read the contributing on docs.nano.org, and clear on the "coding" part of the workflow, but not how you guys do issues Workflow/priority and how these issues link to discussion forum). It seems like you are mostly looking for idea submission, and implementation of these?

Wont have all the time in the world, but I have around 30 years professional coding experience, pretty much touch any language you can think of over that time (don't test me, you will likely catch me out in this lie :stuck_out_tongue: ) not CPP, but two different c++ Compilers (Borland, and Microsoft), a number of years ago. Looking build up a bit of blockchain code knowledge, and I can't think of a project I would want to do that on more than Nano. Reading through the code, nothing jumped out at me as alien.

I suppose I am saying, is there anywhere I can see a list of things that I could actually help with, and not get in the way, as you guys are obviously pretty busy. Just looking to start on some simple busy work that you wish you had time for (every code base has tech debt), or something not on the critical path for release. If not, no offence taken.


I started today offering my services to Nano Foundation as a software engineer and I will be going through a similar path to the path you wish take. We can stay in touch and see if we can collaborate. I started my own github project as a way to capture to initial my steps, which may be of interest to you:


I'm not a coder, but love to see this. In case you get too little reply here - the Discord (https://chat.nano.org/) #development channel is more active than the forums here.

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If you haven't already see this guide: Contributing to the Nano Node - Nano Documentation I would recommend looking there. We are looking to improve the accessibility of some of these resources as they aren't in the most intuitive spot at the moment. Any feedback you might have on that as you dig in would be appreciated. An issue I started for the docs aims to make a better spot for developers trying to get started with the node/protocol stuff directly: Add node/protocol developer guide · Issue #497 · nanocurrency/nano-docs · GitHub.


Thanks guys, I will checkout the nano-workspace repo, and I read through the Nano documentation guide already. It was quite good for the process of working on the repo, but the bit that is missing I think it calling out work that someone outside the team could pick up.

The main difficultly here I can see from a project management perspective is if a internal dev picks up a story, it is pretty sure to get worked through to completion. But if a random from the net (me :stuck_out_tongue: ) picks something up, you can not be as confident that it will get done, or will ever be accepted due to quality issues (until they become less "random" through trust and experience). By the same boat, multiple people working on the same thing just leads to wasted effort, and confusion. Don't have an answer for this tbh, but there must be a way to flag issues as "contribution welcome" and then track if someone is attempted to contribute. There will be many examples out there in the many open source projects.


Hi selectfew,

There is one task that you could do. The wireshark Nano dissector is out of date and needs updating. To my knowledge, this work has not been done yet.


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