I have an old Raiblocks node with xrb in it, can I convert them to Nano?

I was running a raiblocks node a long time ago but I think there is some value in it. How do I convert to nano?

First of all, there is no need for conversion. Raiblocks was rebranded into Nano early 2018 and it’s exactly the same network.

Just find a wallet of your choice and import your seed. Try to not expose it more than necessary like sending it via email, a text editor or other unsecured digital medium. Best is to manually write it directly into the wallet.

You can refer to this medium article for how to select your preferred wallet.

Keep your nano seed safe and stored offline. If you believe it has been exposed then create a new one in another wallet and send your nano over to this new account, then store new seed safely.

If you are no longer in possession of your seed and just have the node software then it’s a little bit of more work depending of how much you have saved. Just contact support team or reply here and we can try work it out. Remember that xrb/nano prefixes in addresses are interchangeable

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