I have a nano seed. Can I recover my nano?

I have an old nano seed. How do I safely recover my nano?

Absolutely! Just find a wallet of your choice and import your seed. Try to not expose it more than necessary like sending it via email, a text editor or other unsecured digital medium. Best is to manually write it directly into the wallet.

You can refer to this medium article for how to select your preferred wallet.

Keep your nano seed safe and stored offline. If you believe it has been exposed then create a new one in another wallet and send your nano over to this new account, then store new seed safely.


I Want know if Nanowallet.io is real link for wallet ? I got ripped off.

I had a link for a donation and I sent all my nano to this wallet then enter my password identifier and seed for with this bonus of 5000 Nano ... after I can no longer connect to my wallet and I think I lost and I was hacked my Nano ...

Any crypto project which says they will give you more crypto for free if you send them something is a scam. They are all over FaceBook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram. EVERY ONE of these will steal your crypto! Ignore them - don't even click the links.

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You registered a wallet on the website and then sent the seed to someone on facebook?!?!
The wallet works, but sending Nano or your seed to someone for "more nano" is never an option.