Hello every one, i got stole around 24 different tokens from my wallet nano S, full secure, no phishing, no picture of my 24 secure key. They got specificaly my nano, so i will leave here the wallet if anyone can help me recover it. nano_3jwrszth46rk1mu7rmb4rhm54us8yg1gw3ipodftqtikf5yqdyr7471nsg1k, and they send it to other account, nano_1op3u6t4i4ige3gexz67t8hcy1g96d6hhykapgo439ffc1me5o8engbx4oi9 and nano_3j1jpr5s9hrmfrishp66i5o49uwu4xui1tduurw5i6qc9n1ubqwst41ttfoi

Be aware that your tokens are not secure in your wallet Nano S, they just send it out without the hardware wallet. Share.

What firmware are you running? Ledger hardware wallets had a couple vulns in the past. Could your PC be running any strange plugins, malware, or visited a phishing site?

Also, it looks like nano_3jwrszth46rk1mu7rmb4rhm54us8yg1gw3ipodftqtikf5yqdyr7471nsg1k is Binance - have you opened a ticket with them to see if they can do anything?

nano_1op3u6t4i4ige3gexz67t8hcy1g96d6hhykapgo439ffc1me5o8engbx4oi9 and nano_3j1jpr5s9hrmfrishp66i5o49uwu4xui1tduurw5i6qc9n1ubqwst41ttfoi are recent spam accounts, and it doesn't look like they have any balance

About the firmware i have the last one. About the websites, yes, sometimes i do get accoss some malwares and cookies but i use malwarebytes, spybot and eset32 at the same time always.

About the binance wallet, what you mean? That binance took that? and no, i dont have ticket open with them, should i?

I have found that the wallets that where not into the manager app of ledger where not stole. I will talk to binance and let you know.

I would keep posting back to follow this

The account that stole from my account is the

The binance account is the
(it only show in recent transactions but didnt received the funds)

I have found that the transactions from 16 of my token where made by a bot. They did all the transaction in less than 1 hours and with 2 mins between most of the transactions. Also they didn't found some other tokens that where not showing in the manager app of ledger nano. Looks like is a bot that just scan the ledgers nano S. Because of that 1/3 of my funds where safe.