I create an IFTTT service for nano

Hey everyone, I created a nano service for IFTTT if you're unfamiliar with IFTTT, it's a web service that allows you to quickly create automation. With the use of the nano.lol service you can do things like: "If nano_abc123 receives 0.1 nano, then _______" where the action can be any other IFTTT integrated actions, like "send me an email", "turn on my smart switch", etc. I hope you will find this useful or at the very least a fun way to show others the power of a fast and feeless currency.

If you'd like to see a video demo here is an old one I made while it was still in development: https://youtu.be/R21C2awRSIA

and here's a link to the IFTTT + nano page: https://ifttt.com/nano_lol

If you have any questions, find bugs, have improvements please reach out to me and let me know!

Thank you,
Michael Kral


Well done! Any plans to add when Nano is sent from an address as a trigger?

Now there is! I'll include it on the next version I publish