I can't get my nanos with the seed

Hello, I had my nano for 2 years the Wallet Nano Compagny Android.
I followed the explanations by reporting my seeds to Nault.cc, it worked, however I still haven't got my nano back. I also tried with Natrium mobile, same observation. Can you help me please?

If you had a balance on the NanoWalletCompany Andoid app and have the seed used there, you should be able to use it elsewhere and see your balance. Did you verify the account address you had a balance on with old app matches the account address you see in Nault/Natrium?

It turns out that I used to see my balance on this app, but since the annoucement I no longer see the balance. I had noted the seeds on a paper (it's the same as the one currently on the app). And I will transfer them to Nault, but no funds presence. I then found the secret phrase with the tool provided in a forum article and I entered it on Natrium and the same transfers it but without the nano ... I don't know what to do

Maybe a longshot but try Nault.cc again.
Enter the seed.
Then go to accounts and click 'add new account' several times

Are you seeing the same account on both apps that starts with nano_? And do you see the expected transactions on that account that you have done in the past?

It is indeed the same address on Nano Wallet Compagny Android and Nault.cc. By clicking on the account I can see the previous orders and my "balance" has finally appeared. But it still does not appear in the right column, I believe it is a problem of the representative, another address where are my nano?

It's good I succeeded, thank you very much and have a good evening!