How to create nano coin address in my site

I want to create address of nano coin in php


If you only need one or a few addresses in order to publish them in an e-shop, you can simply generate it from a wallet and then paste it/them in your code. For more comfort of your customers, there are some javascript librairies that let you encode a textual nano address into a QR code, so that a visitor can automate payment by QR code recognition.

The NanoVault desktop wallet will let generate you up to 20 accounts (= public addresses).
Beyond you would have to download the source code of this application and remove the 20 acccounts limit in the TypeScript file accounts.components.ts.
(See this thread for more details.)

If you have few products, pre-generating addresses with a wallet like NanoVault desktop would suffice.

If you want to generate payment adresses dynamically in PHP (e.g. when the user pays), you should read this:
There are some PHP libraries available for the cryptographic functions.

My understanding is however that even if you need have many products, one unique nano address would suffice. The coding will be about knowing who purchased your product, i.e. the billing and delivery addresses, which product(s) were purchased and tracking if the payment was done.

If you simply need to sell things that don't need delivery, like coffees, you can find here a nice demo with "Add to cart" buttons.

See also: NANO for ecommerce questions

Hope this helps.

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I hope you are doing well,
This docs is very helpful for us, but i need only api for create multiple wallet addresses.

API in php.


Then you need to run your own wallet. And ask the wallet to generate an address.
Nano is decentralized, the transactions work like torrents, so it's not advisable to use someone else's server.
You must have your own API... you can look for code in github, but read it before trusting it.